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26 Mar 2011  

windows 7

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Hi Rayeclark3, welcome to Seven Forums!

The 5 DVD's you say that you burnt also give you the
capability to restore your computer to it's Original Factory Condition.
The only time you would need these would be if your hard drive totally failed
and you had to replace it with a new blank hard drive. The
recovery proceedure in that case would be to boot your system
with the first of the 5 DVD,s in the DVD drive and follow the
on_screen instructions to restore the system to the new hard drive.

The second method to restore the system to Out Of The Box condition
is the method you apparently used. In this case you probably booted into
your Compaq's Recovery Options and restored your system from
the hidden Recovery Partition currently on your Hard Drive.

I hope this clears up your questions about Total System Recovery.

As for all your Music, Pictures, documents etc, it is always a good idea
to occasionally back them up either to an external device or burn them
to DVD's.
Best regards
Hey Man Thanks a million. You done GOOOOOOOOD The pc is working flawlessly. I learned a long time ago to back up everything. I had it on a ext.Hard Drive. A few clicks and the pc was like new. The Vista drove me to a Mac. This is the first pc I have bought in 5 years and probally my last. I have to admit 7 is better than Vista. All my other ones have XP. By the way the ext. drive hasent been on the pc in about 4 weeks. Can you get a virus on a ext hard drive?
Again thanks to you and all of you.
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