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27 Mar 2011  

windows 7

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Glad to hear all is well. To answer your question "can you get a virus on an external hard drive, the answer is yes you can. It could have been in a file that you backed up to the external.
The good news is that you can scan external hard drives just as you would the one in your computer. Just point the scanning software at the connected external device and let it do it's thing.
Don't be a stranger on the site. Lots of good stuff in the Tutorals Section for almost anyone.
Thanks again. I run Kaspersky. The 2 pc I got bugs, on 1 had Windows security and this one had Norton. When you plug anything in to the pc with Kaspersky on it, it always prompts you to scan and that is what I did to the Ext. Hard Drive. It Took about 15 minutes and said no threats. I guess that is all you can do. I have been on the Mac for 2 years and 7 is a little new to me. It is better than Vista but I liked XP pretty well. I have XP Professional on the Mac. This restore thing is pretty neat. I guess Microsoft had to do something because Apple was gaining on the market. The thing that amazes me is the money they charge people on this simple pc repair. Again thanks to all of you and as ARNOLD said "ILL BE BACK"
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