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31 Mar 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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I have a USB3 device that I can plug naked drives into by sitting them in it like bread in a toaster,(2,5 and 3,5 disks) it is very handy as I can use old drives that I no longer want in my PC.
Speeds.......It starts off like a rocket with speeds up from 200 MB/sec but soon slows down to what I would call normal SATA speeds similar to your posted 80-90 MB/sec.
Not what is advertised but still a huge improvement over USB2
I have a Thermaltake BlacX enclosure at home and at work that is USB 2 and eSATA.

Unless you are plugging in SSD drives into your enclosures, the 200MB/sec is bogus as standard mechanical hard drives cannot read and supply data that fast, or write data that fast.

What do you feel is advertised and how fast would you expect it to go? The spec allows for up to 5.0Gbps and it's often said that is 10x faster than 480Mbps which is USB 2.0 spec. This would be about 60MB/sec if there was no overhead and 100% efficiency. So, if you expect USB 3 speeds in the 600MB/sec, then you will be terribly disappointed.

I mean, if your source hard drive in your computer can only do 60MB/sec...then you would be limited to 60MB/sec or slower to your USB device. Unless you are using SSD's in your USB 3 enclosure and as source drives, you are likely going to be physically unable to surpass 100MB/sec.
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