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01 Apr 2011  


I gues I do elevated admin install or started doing it anyway..

Is that when you right click and click use or install as admin? if so- Ya I did start doing that- but because I read it is popular- not because I had too or was having probs- makes sense tho or I guess. I do that for any program now I have to download. Games on disc I just insert and install.

I did turn off uac what ever it is. I guess it is some risk but is less a pain too- and I keep up good security and try and have good surfing habits and run scans etc.. For what it is I guess uac is a good thing- it is a pain in the butt tho and too tight- lower it its not so good so might as well turn it completely off or put up with it.. Other than that I just do normal for game play tweaking of my system. When using uac if it popped up during a install I would tell it to install as admin. I just got sick of it fast and most all folks I know turn it off and have no probs..

Some games are just buggy and w7 maybe glitchy. But I seem to run my games fine after I do get them installed. I do not know what to think about w7 at times tho. It can weird up when it feels like it.. Might not restart right after some update what ever. It just acts silly at times. Hit start as normal or reset button and boot again it is all fine..

I think my system games pretty good tho. I like dx10 stuff too. My vid card will run a lil more hot- up the fan some fixes that. I might game better with a lil over clock on my cpu and surely if I had a better video card. But it does pretty good. Stalker cop not as good as in xp- but is using dx10 also. I have put off playing it until I get a better vid card- but I miss my stalker games.

I might install both cs and cop in dx9 mode- Or I think I can change it or make a switch from the start exe- I just need to read on it- The games should run great in dx9 my system is plenty powerful enough and 8 gigs of mem too.. Well I will skip cs 10 patches and still can not complete a game sucks.. Do want to install soc and cop again tho..
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