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02 Apr 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I didn't have a lot of time yesterday so I slapped the post up without an explanation for the attachments.
The backup drive I was using was a laptop drive and I chose this as my 3.5 drives are all encrypted which I believe would most probably affect the read and write speeds.

My original statement was that using USB 3, transfer speeds started off very fast and slowed down as the copy proceeded. I came to this info as I originally copied large amounts of data (approx 400GB) to my backup drives. What I didn't try to do was copy smaller amounts. When I made this post I just moved individual folders (as you can see)with just a few Gigabytes and I was amazed at the speeds that were achieved, it went so fast that I hardly had chance to go in menu to open the snipping tool. lol Also these speeds were fairly constant.

PParks I cant argue with you about what is possible speed-wise as I do not know but I do know that these speeds even if not shown correctly by windows were still very very fast!!

One thing that is confusing me is why writing to an Intel RAID with HDD's was so much faster than to the Intel RAID with SSD's I have now repeated this copy more times but it does not make a difference.
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