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16 Jun 2009  

windows 8.1 Pro x64

talking of things dissapearing after reboots, my terminal font dissapeared.

Here is a quick launch of mine, 16 icons and barely any space used on my taskbar.

this is XP by the way, and notice how slim the theme is and how tightly packed icons are together around the system tray also.

What I dont want on my taskbar?

1 - I dont want launch icons merged with running icons, so if I open IE on the docking system, I then have to click the app on the taskbar to launch a 2nd instance, very bad.
2 - I want my launch icons seperate from the running icons.
3 - I want no text on my launch icons but I do want text on my running icons.
4 - I want to be able to choose the order of the running apps on my taskbar, to be fair you cant drag around in xp and vista but a 3rd party makes it work well, how microsoft have managed to avoid allowing this by default is baffling, it seems such an obvious feature.
5 - I want tightly packed icons, there is tons of big inefficient gaps between icons in windows 7.

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