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06 Apr 2011  

Windows 7 64 Bit
Help! Antivirus Gurus!


I'm currently comparing antiviruses. My number 1 choice is ESET NOD32 and i'm wanting to use another antivirus to scan as a "second opinion", as we would call it if we were seeing doctors in real life, or watever...

Anyway, i was helping a friend with his computer, copied the files he wanted to save to my external, and my ESET caught some things on my external after cutting and pasting his items OFF of my HDD and back on to his (after i reformatted his machine). The virus seemed to have infected several other things i had on the external prior to putting his infected files on it (Such as drivers, and certain executables)

I want to make sure my external is clean and not infecting everything i plug it in to. I want to scan it with ESET NOD, and scan it again within a virtual environment (can't have 2 AV's on a single system, right? =) with a completely different antivirus.

I am doing this because i know one antivirus will catch what another will miss.

The only thing i am concerned about is false-positives. Don't like those.

Scan time, system resource usage, and paid or non-paid is not a concern for me. Which AV will most likely catch what ESET misses??

From google i have found the BitDefender is pretty good, and i know they've been around a long time. Norton i'm guessing will be the second most recommended, but which version? Endpoint? 360?

Thanks for all insight, and i would love to stay on topic on this one. "Which antivirus would be good to use as a secondary scanner and remover with ESET" and please no comments on "the best antivirus is a safe user" or "Don't click on anything you dont trust".
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