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06 Apr 2011  

Windows 7 x64
Stereo Mix Distortion (Win7x64 HT Striker 7.1)

Hey Seven forums,

So I finally got the infamous Stereo Mix to work. Well, sorta. I have an issue whereby my spoken voice will be clear, yet the computer sounds are really...scratchy and distorted. As if it's being played too loud (yet it's volume is fine - without the scratching of course)

The odd thing is, I'll do a test record and it will be fine. I won't touch NOTHING, do another test and the problem will return. I have tried setting my playback volume and recording volume of the stereo mix to 60%, as with FME (Flash Media Encoder) recording volume. Turning it any lower just makes both my voice, and the computer too quiet to distinguish.

Using the latest drivers on a HT Striker 7.1 Sound Card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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