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06 Apr 2011  

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I wonder if I should use volume shadow copy on my PC. Is it necessary? Is it typical that it creates many problems?
If you use Macrium and presumably many other imaging programs the service is required to be enabled else the imaging will not work, unless I'm mistaken.

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Acronis doesn't need or require this feature -- I always think why is it that things like Backups which EVERYBODY should do are made complicated by MS -- why should people be concerned with "Shadow Volumes" etc -- in fact I'd wager that even on THIS forum probably over 50% of the people do not know what this service is and what it does.

Other backup programs might also work fine without this too -- I use ACRONIS and can certainly say I've never found the VSS or whatever to be a requirement for sucessfull partition imaging.

Now if you are using DYNAMIC disks or some types of RAID this could be another issue - but even here you can always image WHOLE DISKS too.

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