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06 Apr 2011  

Windows 7 Pro x64 (1), Win7 Pro X64 (2)

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I think my HDD is dead. Tomorrow gonna buy new one.
Ironically, right in the middle of doing something today my own "symptom" returned, yet again!

This is literally the complete "death" of a functioning Win7, and it's caused by the sudden loss of access to the C-drive.

Of course I've been fighting this for several months now, but none of the usual methods to coax it back to life would work. I tried everything I'd suggested to you, and none worked this time... though I'd been lucky with them in the past.

I tried using standalone boot CD's to see if I could explore that drive, but it just seemed to be non-responsive. Or, I could see the root-level folder structure but if I tried to get deeper than that it would just hang.

So, as one more extreme step this time I actually replaced the SATA cable with a brand new one. Well, that didn't make any difference. In fact, I now once again lost my drive's recognition completely in the BIOS! Gone (again)!

So once again, I removed the connector which was now sitting on SATA port 2 on the motherboard (having been moved last week from SATA port 4), and re-connected it to SATA port 3!

Well, this time that produced success! Once again the BIOS saw the drive, and Win7 was able to boot from it (though as I mentioned, new drivers will get installed on that first boot from the new SATA port which require one more restart) and I was finally back in business.

Time to run some current backups... just in case I lose it for good.

So, you're not alone.
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