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10 Apr 2011  

Windows 7
Strange External Drive Problem

Iím having a strange problem with an external hard drive. I have two of the same model drive and one of them has a problem. I will refer to them as drive #1 (good) and drive #2 (problem). The drives are 1TB, USB3. My PCs are running Windows 7 and they all have USB 3.0 ports.

I have one of these drives connected to my main PC at all times but only one of them at a time - never both at the same time.

Drive #1 always works perfectly.

When I try to write to drive #2, 90% of the time it ďstallsĒ for as much as a minute before it starts writing. (10% of the time it works normally.) This happens whether I manually copy a file to it using Windows Explorer or use a program to save files to it. It just stalls but most of the time it eventually un-stalls and writes.

This is what I have tried so far:

1. Tried drive #2 on two other PCs. Same problem with both other PCs.

2. Tried drive #2 with different cables and different USB3 ports. Same problem with all.

3. Checked Windows 7 security settings. All OK and all are set the same for both drives. I also checked the various properties settings for the drives and everything looks correct there. I also checked for an updated driver and I already have the latest. I also have all of the latest updates for Windows 7.

4. Tried drive #2 (which is USB3) on a USB2 port. Same problem.

5. Re-formatted drive #2 and started from scratch. The problem remains.

6. Contacted the manufacturer (LaCie) and tried everything they suggested. The problem remains and they have no additional clues.

7. I returned drive #2 and ordered another one of the same model from a different vendor. The replacement has the same problem.

8. I returned the replacement and ordered another replacement from the manufacturer (LaCie). The second replacement has the same problem.

All this time drive #1 continues to work perfectly. Again, both drives are the same model.

Iím baffled by this one. Any clues appreciated.

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