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13 Apr 2011  
Blaque Nite

Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
Thanks, still need further help

I appreciate the 2 posts you all have responded with. I have checked most of the forums already and searched setup info already out there, before I posted on here. The green button/hauppauge website/ etc. are of little use for case specific trouble shooting.

The screen shots you posted are helpful, but unless you had told me that the fox hd code was WFLDDT I would have never know and now I don't know the rest of the channels. Any list out there I can use?

Also, someone said the IR blaster problem might be fixed by updated drivers. I tried to update the drivers but had a problem (Got an error message saying drivers were not installed or updated), I think due to having windows home premium 64 bit and not 32 bit. Anybody have any info on this.

Other Questions I'm still looking for answers to: 1. Anyone have any insight on how my Irblaster might be set up incorrectly or have a different way to set it up? 2. Is it possible that there might be missing channels after I have scanned analog and QAM with WMC? If so how would I check for more. and 3. Does anyone know why the tvpi files I download from Titan TV aren't opening automatically (or at all) in Win TV7?

Thakns again,
~ Chris
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