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14 Apr 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x86

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Can an overclock cause a BSOD? What is the safe temperature when overclocking?
Yes. And with this said......

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Hello xtreme15,

Too be honest, i would not even bother overclocking.

Reason's -

a. its a laptop, worse yet, its a netbook.
b. i doubt you could overclock in the BIOS as it would be locked down by the manufacturer.
c. The temp would be very high to the point it will begin to cause issues.
d. Don't use software, it can cause issues with instability.

The best thing to do, is get a desktop.

Also, how are you 'extreme' gaming? its only Intel GMA graphics, surely you must be stuttering like hell, unless you are gaming with old, and i mean old games.

Sorry to say all this, but laptops and netbooks are not the best things to oc, regardless of who made it.

And on another note, i think you would hit issue overclocking an Atom as its a soldered CPU that is pretty restricted to OC.

But... If you want to overclock then don't expect it to be 100% stable, if you can oveclock it at all.

I have to completely agree with all points - especially the point about extreme gaming with an Intel GMA graphics card. What games are you playing?

And also with regards to overclocking a laptop/notebook/netbook - they really shouldn't be overclocked due to inefficient cooling. Anyway if you are overclocking that thing and getting BSOD's because of it that's a warning that things aren't right.

BTW I'm not opposed to overclocking myself as my system in my system specs is overclocked, but I wouldn't do it on a laptop as heat becomes a real concern.

My two cents.

Good luck.
Well, about the games, I just used an exaggerated adjective like "extreme". I'm playing silent hill series (2,3,4) PC version and they are running very good at around 25-30fps.

I'm not overclocking by adjusting the settings on bios because I don't want to mess up with my system. I'm just using SetFSB and of course, getting a cooling pad and going in a place where there is many electric fans.
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