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18 Jun 2009  

Win 7 Ultimate 64 RTM
Half-Life 2 Cinematic Mod 10.0 :: Downloads

Comparison Shots:

Half-Life 2 vs. Cinematic Mod 10: Visual comparison - Update: New darker look - Cinematic Mod 10, Half Life 2, Fakefactory, comparison - PC Games Hardware


CM 10 Beta 1 (First puplic beta)

+ MAJOR rework of all human models and maincharacters
+ Added Hybrid-HD-Alyx (very very beta) This model comes with HD-body but keeps the original VALVE-style face
+ Reworked Adriana Lima style HD-Alyx (new bonesetup, more realistic proportions, tweaked jigglebones)
+ Alyx got a pistol laser sight system
+ Optimized LOD system on HD models
+ New HD-textures / HD-props
+ Reworked old Hires-Textures with more efficient HD-overlays
+ Moderate rework of some keyplaces like Kleiner's lab, Black Mesa East, EP2-silo ecetera
+ Optimized texture pool for more economic usage of shared materials (CM9 uncompressed VRAM memory peaks: 2.3 GB VRAM -> CM10 uncompressed VRAM memory peaks:: 1.7 GB VRAM)
+ First implementation of a fully dynamic soundtrack framework (experimental)
+ Killed some background music (Less is more)
+ Tweaked the new running effect (reloading and shooting possible while running)
+ Several bugfixes
+ Launchers are using the heapsize command by default, because the current amount of texture/sound/mech data would break the heapspace limit

CM 9.7 (non-public)

+ Engineupdate to Build 3740
+ Added new ConVar "ff_new_running" for toggling the new run-effect

CM 9.6 (non-public)

+ Added dynamic muzzle flash effects (New ConVar "ff_dynamic_muzzle" for toggling)
+ Added MAJOR reworked HD-Alyx (Lima-Style) with much much much better vertex weighting (smooth bending).
+ Added some new HD Civilian models
- Fix: Small bugs in several maps

CM 9.52 (non-public)

+ Recompiled the HD civilians for better Eyes movement
+ Increased Bump and Specular maps on female characters
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