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18 Apr 2011  

widnows 7 professional 32 bits
Windows doesn't work after the last recent updates!

Good morning guys!

Desperate and with no idea what to do, FAR away from home and my laptop is my only tool and it failed me. this is a problem i have since yesterday and i have't sleep downloading isntalling restarting...... and no success.. in the moments i need it most my windows 7 failed!
studying like a crazy for some exams(reading and writing on couple of notepads, nothing more) when i decide to check for updates... my system found some updates.. within i can remember... couple of framework... security update for ie8 and some other updates for the system.. and MRT.. the most recent update of this two weeks (since two weeks ago was the last update of my systems) this is jut to give you an idea of which updates were installed..))
i continue my work. after some minutes the system finished and asked me for restart to complete update.., the system restart and when starting up... it freezes exactly when the animation of the four starts that form the windows flag has begun..... a light speed bluescreen and restart.. and keep doing that again and again.. i tried safe mode and nothing.. startup repair and nothing all the other repair tools and no success.

i have two other OS on my hd, for emergency cases, (like this) and keep working while i fix (usually) windows problems.. but this problem went so bad, that left the laptop completely useless. i dont know why is i had linux boot loader (GRUB) in the MBR so i dont undertand why windows messed up that if i did it in that way precisely to avoid windows to manage my boot (btw im not an expert in that, if i am confusing something regarding boot, mbr grub etc peas advice me so).

well not to make this long to you to read guys... i got a live version of linux and restart the boot, the other OSs works but windows continue in the same problem.

this is the only information that the bluescreen gave me:

technical information:

*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0x80786B58, 0xc000000D, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

PLEASE help!!!
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