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19 Apr 2011  
Mike Connor

Several, including Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

Lists of malicious sites are not normally set up on the router, they are set up on your machine using the Hosts file

Here is such a host file containing a large list of malicious sites;***********/hosts.txt

However, using a large hosts file can slow down your internet connection.

More information;***********/hosts.htm***********/hosts2.htm***********/hostsfaq.htm

As I told you before, disabling the PING service on your router makes no difference to security.

The router you have uses dual active firewalls;

D-Link Wireless N 300 Router

There is no way for a PING to reach your machine. Anybody pinging you will only get the address of the router. Anybody sending anything to your router is pointless unless you have specifically opened a port. It will be ignored.

Malicious sites are only dangerous to you if you allow them access. They can not simply access your machine through a firewalled router.

Regards....Mike Connor
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