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19 Apr 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate

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Lists of malicious sites are not normally set up on the router, they are set up on your machine using the Hosts file

Here is such a host file containing a large list of malicious sites;***********/hosts.txt

However, using a large hosts file can slow down your internet connection.

More information;***********/hosts.htm***********/hosts2.htm***********/hostsfaq.htm

As I told you before, disabling the PING service on your router makes no difference to security.

The router you have uses dual active firewalls;

D-Link Wireless N 300 Router

There is no way for a PING to reach your machine. Anybody pinging you will only get the address of the router. Anybody sending anything to your router is pointless unless you have specifically opened a port. It will be ignored.

Malicious sites are only dangerous to you if you allow them access. They can not simply access your machine through a firewalled router.

Regards....Mike Connor

EDIT: For some reason the board software will not allow those links. If you want to use them you will have to go here; Welcome to the home page! and search on the site for "Hosts file".
Hello Mike,
I have been inundated with data, so I apologize about the ping thing. GRC stated it was a regular old time attack route, what do I know? I've turned them off in the DLink Setup Page, yet they still show up on GRC's test. I've set it WPA2 AES with MAC filtering on my three machines that use it. In reference to the malicious sites, there appear to be about a million of them on all different programs. I will admit I haven't a clue. Do you suggest I set up a list of blocked sites?
I am glad to hear that my router has two firewalls, although understanding what that meant would be better, I know it is complicated. I'm not broadcasting the SSID. But there are so many options that were not on the Linksys options let alone the G DLink. I did not WiFi protect my wireless, but went in and set them manually.
Also for some reason only know to the knowing, the network changed from Network 2 to Network 4. To make matters worse, Commodo shows Network 2 and loopback as allowed. I removed everything else, it did NOT have a Network 4 showing.
Everything appears outwardly to be operating correctly within my ability to discern.
Do you have any more of your knowledgeable recommendations, suggestions, opinions, heck anything!! Thanks for your assistance.
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