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21 Apr 2011  
Mike Connor

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That is news to me, I always figured that there must be a correlation between the physical and any other manner of locating it. By what you have said, that bad block may well have been the cause of the error. I did not preformat the drive, because I have had problems with software not being able to install/run on such a partition, so I let TI format it as necessary.

I have read that it is possible to create a partition around bad sectors, so that they are fenced off, and can't be used, but if there is not a way to know precisely where that is, it would be impossible to deal with it in that manner. I guess that I will try the backup again, after having Windows format the partition, and see if TI will work with it.

There is other utilities designed to patch over bad sectors, but from what you have said, it sounds as though the partition would have to be formatted for them to work.
Yes, if you have a bad block you will have to format the disk. This marks the bad block and ignores it in future. A marked/ignored block will not interfere with any operations.

The various test programs access the disks in various ways. The absolute physical location of a block on a drive does not necessarily bear any relationship to various diagrams displayed.

A drive has several actual disks, ( platters), in it. The physical location of blocks varies according to drive construction.

Some displays try to relate the physical location of the blocks as if the drive was one large disc ( Like an old style LP record), but this does not reflect reality;

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