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24 Apr 2011  


Nice- but you should check out msi forums- the gskills and or rip jaws are the most trouble memory for msi mobos. Folks might argue- I am just letting you know. You can check it out for your self. You can flip through the threads and see what other gear folks are using on same or like mobos.. And msi would be the best place to ask questions about your set up if you are going msi mobo..>

Some mobos do not like some memory and for msi mobos that is rip jaws or mostly anyway. You should pick some corsair or crucial memory for it. For asus mobos I think the most trouble memory is ocz.

I would have to read more on that mobo but I think I would go with this memory and is great over clocking memory and pretty much will stay at 1.5v and runs at T1..>

Crucial CT2KIT51264BA1339

A better psu would be a corsair tx750 or tx 850. Better cpu coolers might be a corsair a50 or cooler master 212. And get some ac mx2 or mx3 for thermal compound. I like the corsair a50 and use it my self but for the money and over clocking on air it is maybe no better on earth than either or the cooler master 212 and its only 35 bucks- both was less than 30 bucks for a long long time- seems price has gone up tho. Some coolers are way bigger and more heavy but cool lil better if any. With that case and some mx2 or mx3 or maybe gelid gc2 or gelid gc3 you can get your over clock up to or better than 5gigs and it run cool for less than 40 bucks. Both the mx2-3 or gelid is a better product than ac5 in every way.

It has been well known for a long time and for gaming and or over clocking a large single rail non modular psu is better than multi rail modular psu's. Me self I do not like or trust wet cool stuff and is a lot more maintenance and can spark up and ruin everything if something goes wrong or starts to leak etc. Do as you like tho- it is your system.

The tx 750 has a 140mm fan and 4x 2+6 pin pcie connectors and the +12v is 60 amps on a single rail and 5 year warranty for about 100 bucks.

That mobo has 2x 16x vid slots and can do sli or cross fire- if you might think about that down the road you might care to go tx 850 or more on the psu. This tx950 smokes that seasonic and your coolermaster and cost less too.. You can not have a over powered psu- you can have a under powered psu.. You buy best you can for your budget and always think about future proofing.. Also the more powerful the psu the less hard it has to run and less heat and less fan speed- lasts longer and more quite too.>

6x 2+6 pin pcie- +12v 78 amps single rail- 140mm fan- 5 year warranty. Corsair is of the top psu's on earth.

The p67 came out about 2 weeks after I built mine and my buds rigs- but the first mobos had probs- had I been maybe 3 months later shopping- I probly would have picked the same mobo and cpu as you- and for the sataIII and usb3 and realtek lan and sound and sil able with 2x 16x slots. The sandy bridge is said a over clocking monster- my p55 will smoke any and all amd systems out and at same price- it is no contest at all with the sandy bridge and again at the same price as the p55 or am3.That is at stock or oc- other than maybe a few programs that can use more than 4 cores or the 1 game dirt2- Id guess Sandy Bridge and dirt2 no contest- and the intels p55-67 can smoke am3 even in some programs that do use more than 4 cores. Gaming it is no contest or versus amd am3 6 core cpu's. That sandy smokes the am3 6 core in bench after bench- period.

Looking good. See ya..
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