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25 Apr 2011  


That is fine mlevy.

It is folks that use and stand by rip jaws on msi mobos too- it does not change the fact and at msi forums more probs or complaints and the forums recommend other memory other than rip jaws. And geil makes other memory. I did not say all geils but maybe so.

And over the years and on many sites talking asus mobos you have more probs with ocz memory. I have no horse in the race I am not getting anything for saying so it is accumulated data from over the years. Might some ocz be less a prob maybe so- might others with said prob mem you said you have work on same mobo or other asus mobos maybe so. The facts remain the same. Not all mobos or brands in general like all memory or brands in general.

To think about it its pretty comical because most dims use say samsung ic's- same ics over the different brands of mem sold. You would think all mem is the same. Maybe the lil code the mobos read to identify the memory has something to do with it too. Ha ha maybe asus and ocz are at war or something a asus mobo see it has ocz mem and has fits who knows.

All my memory has been ocz and for my abit mobos- Was thinking about it for this mobo- just folks at msi said this mem is better for this mobo and told me to avoid rip jaws. I have 1 and 2gig ddr plats and 2 and 4gig ddr2 plats. Used corsairs in my buds abit rig. 1 and 2gig ddr All 2 stix kits.

Any way. I am glad you have a working system and happy with it. Take care.
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