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26 Apr 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

It's an acer computer correct? If so suggest you call acer tech support- manufacturers have their own installers/versions of windows and this may be the problem. (acer is whatI got as top answer to google)

either that or maybe install just went wrong- did you try a repair installation? If your motherboard supports intel matrix manager then download and install it as soon as system is up and running-

edit: (thought this may be more useful- I did/have a raid 0 but its been three years ago) ) With my installation I just dont remember if I needed to install drivers at operating system install, read the documentation and put the storage manager on a thumb drive- during installation when you are selecting where to actually install windows there is an option to install sata drivers- they should be in one of the folders with intel matrix manager- read the documentation to find WHERE and HOW.
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