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27 Apr 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate

Or in case anyone who really doesn't want to make a whole bunch of .bat files you can just push Control+alt+delete and load up your task manager. then go to processes, then find explorer.exe (probably near the top most likely) end that process. (note that you will have to load to process up back again once you have finished playing your game to return windows back to normal) it should remove the task bar and the background icons (not hurting them just removing them from your sight) after that click file on task manager and go to run and find your Fallout 2 application file and run it. should load up the game!!! here is a simpler version of what i just said

1. open task manager
2. close explorer.exe in process window
3. go to file and run game application
4. play game and when done reload process explorer.exe by putting explorer.exe in the run window
there now go have some fun!!!
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