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28 Apr 2011  

Changing keyboard layout language on welcome screen

Hi everyone,

I'm fine-tuning my new Windows 7 laptop, and I have noticed the following: the computer was bought in Germany; the OS language is therefore German. I set up an administrator account (I'm the only one who uses the computer, so there's just that one account) and changed the region settings and keyboard language from Germany German, as I'll call it, to Swiss German (I live in Switzerland) and removed the Germany German keyboard. Overall, I have now got three keyboard layouts: Swiss German (default language), US English, UK English (this can also be seen via the language bar in the notification area). However, on the welcome/login Windows screen, in the left upper corner, the only keyboard layout languages are: Germany German and US English. Obviously, some of the keys have a different function according the keyboard layout, and Caps Lock, for instance, works differently on the Swiss German keyboard than on the Germany German keyboard; I would therefore like to have the Welcome page display the Swiss German keyboard layout, since I use a password.
I came across one of your tutorials and wanted to ask if it is the correct procedure to transfer my keyboard layout languages to the welcome screen? I don't want to mess up something :-)

Thanks in advance for your time :-D
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