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29 Apr 2011  

Windows 7 Ult x64

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You were able to install, correct?

Are there any performance problems with the installation?

Run through these troubleshooting steps to see if anything becomes apparent.
Yes, I was able to install.. it only hangs at those few steps.. the actual install process took 30 or so minutes, as it should.

Alright, let me add some interesting facts here. This computer has been alive since the e6600 came out. As far back as I can remember, it has had issues on every install at certain times. I have not expereicened some of these yet on this fresh install, but here goes:

computer would randomly hang... everything would stop, sound, video, inputs for around 30 seconds.. then it would continue like nothing happened (((this hasn't happened yet on this install)))

playing music would result in a terrible grainy sound, clicking stop, then play fixes it. this still happens, happened on previous install.. also this happens over a USB DAC which is, in theory, simply getting passed the digital info... no processing (I have tested the DAC on other computers, no problems).

Applications are unstable.. for example, I cannot get sandra to start back up again... jriver media center crashes nine of out ten times I load it.

Problem is, nothing comes up wrong on any tests... games play just fine... I beat portal 1, 2, no issues.. I played DA2 the other day, no problems... just generally effing around in windows seems to be fine... I can't really explain this behavior.

Sure, stuff like application hangs appear in the event viewer.... there are 110 events currently, mostly user profile service/app hang/sidebyside

I've run sfc, nothing, and obviously there is no malware on this fresh install. There are only three programs on the computer right now: DA2, jriver, sandra. I feel this is a hardware issue, and I am betting CPU/motherboard, but nothing actually leads me to believe that except those are the only two constant things that have never changed in this computer.
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