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01 May 2011  

Windows 7 Business

Well, before I got around to trying external to pc hard drive, the wireless network copying has broken again. I also can't copy from a laptop to the pc when using a wired lan connection. All machines can see each other and all shared folders are accessible whether wired or wireless through Windows explorer and UltraVNC works fine. It's just copying that seems to be the problem.
I'm beginning to think I have two separate problems. The network issue is beginning to sound like a router problem (Draytek Vigor 2820Vn). I'm also noticing a steady drop in wireless connection speed....starts at 54 Mbps and drops with time to as low as 11 Mbps.
The usb to usb I suspect is unconnected and maybe something to do with Windows 7 on the pc or maybe the new Seagate 2Tb drive.
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