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20 Jun 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (RTM)
BSOD 0x00000124 Need Assistance

Hey guys ive been having some trouble on my pc since about 2-3 months i'd say, can't think of anything new round that time cept win7 version updates. Got this PC since Feb 2009 so warranty on the components is still good, i bought the parts seperately but all at one shop though. Now i'm curious to know what the dumps point to, i myself am a semi-expert if thats the right word i know my way around the pc specially windows but have never read into dumps and sorts. As you might see in my post i have searched and tried allot of stuff but since 124 STOP errors seem to be hardware related mostly i think the dumps are my best shot at seeing whats broke at this point.

* BSOD's - STOP: 0x00000124 during intense gaming 99% of the time.

* Since the problem occured in the last 2 months i don't think its a software error even though i have updated Win7 in that period.
* Graphics Card is broke
* Processor is doing something wrong

* BSOD Screenshot
* 2 Minidumps
* Windows 7 i7 Chipset and Raid Drivers x64 & x86 Win7 RC
* Bios Settings 1 Bios2 Bios3 Bios4
* CPU-Z Shots

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (Build 7201)
Asus P6T Deluxe Mobo (v1) Mobo
Intel i7 920 CPU
6GB (3x2GB) OCZ Tripple-Channel Gold Series (1600mhz 8-8-8-24) Mem
Ati 4870 (1GB) Club3D OC edition GPU
Creative X-fi XtremeMusic PCI card Soundcard
Enermax Liberty ELT500AWT 500 Watt, 24 Pins (had this one since start 2008) PSU
Logitech G5 2007 Gaming mouse
Other: Iphone in Dock usb connected.
*EDIT* HD: SATA 4x 250GB (2 sets, 500GB in RAID-0 for speed)
* Onboard soundcard = disabled in bios
* So is my 2nd LAN ehternet port in bios

Software that should be noted:
AV: Avira Antivir Free
FireW: Windows 7 Firewall

* Nothing is overclocked nor has it ever been. I even underclocked the GPU memory 25 Mhz since this card keeps flickering the screen every 15 seconds.
* After 20 mins or 2 hours and anywhere between that of gaming on either Left4Dead or Prototype i'm getting this blue screen.
* NOT had this error yet in the few other games i play like: SWAT4, Call of Duty 4... though i did cap cod4 at 100 frames per sec while it can perform upto 110-115 average, so the game will never realy stress the gpu 100% and swat 4 is not a very demanding game nowadays.
* Now in-game ive had the BSOD like 30 times now already but in the desktop only 1 time while i pulled out an old USB drive of mine i got a blue screen again. (not realy sure if it was the same BSOD code but i'm guessing it is since all the other times it was)
* I use the logitech drivers and ive played on 500Hz and 1000Hz response time.

Tried and not resolved the matter:
* Ran Memtest86+ (v2.11) for 10 hours more or less, did 10 passes, no errors
* Ran 3DMark twice Vantage v1.01 didn't see anything weird anomolies though it could not calculate the score at the end gave a flash script error (seems to be vantage since more people are having it since v1.0)
* Changed ATI drivers to older WDM ones and tried updating to the latest ones
* Clean Win7 install 7201 isntead of updated from 7100 to 7201 like i had before.
* Installed Vistax64 next to my Win7 and tried the game prototype on there with latest ati drivers.
* ATI manual Fan speed upto 85% constantly, temps seem ok no higher then 80 degrees peeked in Ati control panel
* Running Prototype with all other apps closed/disabled inlcuding Avira antivirus
* Disabled Bios - Advanced Processor Halt (C1E alike)
* Set my mem settings manually in bios since it auto detected on 9-9-9-24
* Updated my chipset drivers for Win7 for i7 Chipset 64bit which Intel released on their own site (Link)
* Set windows Power Management to Peformance and checked if Link State Power Management was off for PCI express.
* CPU temp seems ok too haven't seen higher then 65 degrees in speedfan

******* eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Lite v2.5 *******
System Type: 1 physical CPU
Motherboard: High End - Desktop
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2667 MHz Bloomfield
CPU Utilization (TDP): 85% TDP
RAM: 3 Sticks DDR3 SDRAM
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4870
Video Type: Single Card
Regular SATA: 4 HDDs
DVD-RW/DVD+RW Drive: 1 Drive
Sound Blaster - All Models: Yes
USB: 3 Devices (Phone,mouse,keyboard and sometimes usb drive)
Regular: 2 Fans 120mm;
Keyboard and mouse: Yes
System Load: 90 %
Capacitor Aging (+ W %): 30 %

Recommended Wattage: 468 Watts

Cannot Try:
* Make sure the 32 bit access is enabled on the HDD in the BIOS. I coudn't find that function in my P6T Deluxe bios.

Possible last resort options:
* Update Mobo Bios even though everything worked fine before the 2 months.
* Update ATI firmware.
* Return the ATI inside my warranty but must be sure if its the one giving me the blues.

Replied suggestions already tried:
* SFC /scannow - Check integrity of System files - Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.
* Set Constant GPU Clock Speed - Used RivaTuner, and speeds are now not switching back & forth.

Todo status:
* Set manual volt settings - Voltage CPU on 1.3v now
* Update Mobo bios - Qued
(In bios EZ Flash with my fat32 usb stick.)

1. Got CPU Voltage around 1.29v now, cpu-z shows 1.28v. I did allot of prototype and had no crashes yet, but the mobo is still idling on 46c and peaking round 50c.

2. Moved my ATI card all the way down (as far as it could anyway) and i placed my Creative Soundcard 2 slots above the ati instead of just under it blocking the fan. My current temps are:
System: 38c
CPU: 42c
GPU: 48c
Never been so cool haha the soundcard blocking the fan realy stopped the heat from getting away and it made the mobo warmer too (or it was like ontop of the sensor or something). Have to check if stability is up though.

3. No more BSOD's, problem seems fixed! Hazaaah! thank you all guys much appreciated, if my pc stays stable i should donate. aww yeah, playing: SkyMarshall Arts - Forever Gamer (Listen)

4. Correction, still have the BSOD's but VERY infrequent i can play for hours and hours or a whole day or 2 without. (still only happens in heavy games, like in anno 1404 this last time). If the crashes start to get to me i'm prolly do a firmware upgrade on Mobo bios then try the GPU firm if there is any.

5. Ok its been a while since i edited, and i have not had any issues with BSo'ds anymore.. so i guess the voltage fixed or atleast severely dimished my blue screens, thanks a bunch i will donate soon!

I donated a while ago through paypal. Thanks everyone, and hopefully i'l never have to be back :P (no more pc problems hehe) cold out
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