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03 May 2011  

Windows 7
Win 7 Intermittent Internet Loss

I've been trying to get this resolved in some way for the last (who knows how many?) months.
In short, Verizon Fios, Actiontec Router. Windows XP machines (wired) (2) never any internet loss whatsoever.
Running the wireless from the Actiontec and also a Linksys that is on one of the ports. (distance issues)
The Linksys always syncs up and both wireless systems work 100% all the time with either XP or Win 7 laptops.

Here's the issue: two wired desktops running Win 7 have intermittent internet drops. One is older, one brand new fresh out of the box. Turned off the power saver NIC card function on both, WOL disabled. That's not the problem because the internet losses occur sometimes after the machine is on for a few minutes, the PC does not sit long enough to go into power saver anyway. There's no rhyme or reason as they say when the loss will occur. Sometimes this will not happen for a day or more, other times it can happen after using the machine for just a few minutes.
One thing I have been trying is to disable IPV6 then I can get the internet back, othertimes re-enable it to get the net back. Go figure. Again, disabling it will not fix the problem, however switching it on/off will. Disabling and re-enabling the NIC will only fix it sometimes, most instances that does nothing. There are different types of NIC cards in the machines, one uses a Realtec on board, the other uses Nvidea on board and a plug in NIC (brand?) all NIC cards/board performs the same.
One person in another forum has reported that he went to an Intel NIC and then his problem was solved. Not sure about that one, but if that was a valid fix, I'd purchase an Intel NIC right away.

Also, when they DO work, if I let them boot for a while, usually they will be fine, but that's looking at a 10-15 minute boot up. (doesn't take an excessive time for actual boot-up but I mean just leave it alone for 10-15 min)

The Actiontec has the most current update version, and is about two years old.

Somehow these machines lose the internet portion but not the network portion. Such an annoying problem, even more so when I added a brand new machine and get the same issues. I would be willing to bet that if I ran them wireless there would be no issue, but that's going to slow down the dl/ul speeds that I get with a wired connection.
Any comments/suggestions could help!
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