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05 May 2011  

Windows 7 Pro 64

Nothing, huh? Eighty people looked and said, "Pass!" Not even a "I feel your pain, networking is hard." Did it ever occur to you people that what I really needed... was a little solace?? Well, even if go it alone, I must (did I just channel Yoda?), I figure it might be worth it to chronicle my plight for any other poor schmucks who find themselves in my situation. If anything sounds familiar to anyone else, feel free to weigh in.

It's just as well the SevenCrew is at a loss. I'm becoming more and more convinced this is a network/router issue, anyway. Like I said earlier, my laptop 'sees' my roomie's laptop under network in explorer, but my desktop can't. Also, thinking on the whole wireless vs wired bit, I realized that I have another machine right here I pieced together from spare parts. I once thought I'd use it as a server for me to access files over the internet (I dream of running before I can crawl). The point: I've got it hardlined to the router, and I wandered if my desktop would be able to see another wired machine. Bada-boom, bada-ping, it seems to be able to. However, my laptop spews the same old "Destination host unreachable" line when pinging the Ubuntu machine. So, I guess I'll work this wired vs wireless lead a bit more.

I spent some time with what I'm pretty sure was an automaton on the Belkin tech support chat room. It didn't really get me anywhere, but I was told I'd get a call from tech support today and they'd try and help me out. We'll see.
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