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10 May 2011  

Windows 7

In checking out and messing with all the settings I noticed that my connection was staying on for a much longer period of time. Still takes a real long time to do the initial connection, but stays on for many hours however still drops at random times. What I found is that if I toggle on/off these NIC settings, I can re-establish the connection with fairly good consistency. I toggle File and printer sharing,IPV6, Link Layer Topology IO driver, Link Layer Discovery responder. Can't seem to pin down which setting has the most effect just yet, and only toggling IPV6 does not solve the issue as I have seen in some other posts. By toggling these settings I can now keep the connection on for much longer, but did experience printing issues to a printer on my network, so even though I seem to be closer to the problem, It's not there yet.
I've been leaving some/all of these unchecked and then sending the machine to hibernate and the internet connection does come back on which was definitely not happening before.
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