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11 May 2011  

Windows 7 Proffesional 64-bit
Crash when watching videos

Hi there, I'll try to make this is as simple as possible for ya.

New computer build, everything works great, except when watching videos.

I full screen the video and after a minute or two, or sometimes randomly at all on rare cases, my screen turns totally distorted, and you can't make out anything there, and you hear a loud buzzing noise. And as for the video audio, it slows down drastically, way out of whack. The voices i hear are going in like x16 slow-mo and in really deep voices. Creeps me out. Never happens unless in fullscreen mode. I've tried ctrl+alt+del, but nothing seems to get me outta that full screen and outta the video. Unresponsive I guess. I assume it's either that or the whole computer is in this state of slowmotion and requires a very long time to respond to that command.

I'm not sure if this exactly helps, but I'm using a HDTV as my external monitor with a HDMI cable that came with it.

I'm using a ATI 5830, fully up to date as far as i know, windows tells me that at least.

If it's anything with my BIOS I'd love if someone could explain very carefully how to assess that, it terrifies me a bit.

I'm using 4 gigs of ram, running at 1600 which is supposed to be stock speed, I don't believe my motherboard is overclocked to run it at that speed either. I did have to fiddle with a setting for it to work properly though. Had to adjust the ram timings and set something to N2 or other.

One other thing, funny story, I had this problem about 3 months ago? After a friend told me to adjust my ram timings like i stated previously the problem went away, until now that is. I've ran a full system scan with 2 anti-virus programs and both have come up with nothing, so I don't think that's the case either.

ANY help at all is much appreciated, thanks.
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