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12 May 2011  
mickey megabyte

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i protest!

(482)(9+3) is not valid syntax for arithmetic! - at least it wasn't when they were trying to educate me.4
I don't see anything wrong with Bill's Syntax.
I learned that operations with Brackets (or are those parentheses?) are assumed Multiplications unless specified otherwise.
Letters in Algebra are only substitutes/placeholders for numbers, so it wouldn't make any sense at all to apply a different set of rules here
maybe things have changed since i went to school, but back then different syntatical rules applied in arithmetic and algebra.

for instance, in arithmetic 52 = 52 (ie 5*10 + 2), however in algebra, it's different: for example, ab=a*b, so it does make sense to apply a different set of rules in the two separate fields of mathematics. at least, it makes sense to me
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