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12 May 2011  

MS Windows 8

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He he Micky, you went to school a loooong time ago.

Ok, suppose we solve like this.

= 482(12)

Now, as per BODMAS, the division operator takes precedence over the (implied) multiplication operator so:


Can I vote again?

parenthesis is used to divide pertaining to an operation to be done in this case 482(9+3), 2(9+3) note that parenthesis is used in (9+3) means do this first (9+3)=12, next 2(12) still parenthesis has not been removed so 2(12)=24, final operation is 4824=2

another method for 482(9+3) is to distribute 2 inside (9+3), (18+6)=24, then 4824=2 (Distributive Law)
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