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14 May 2011  

Win7 Home Premium
Error messages and warning sounds

I recently tried Tuneup Utilities software on Win7 Home Premium and after uninstallation and reboot I stopped getting warning sounds with the messages for something such as:

A filename cannot contain any of the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > |

if a file was named such as " x: 123 " you would get the message and the Windows Critical Stop.wav sound or if you opened Services.msc chose a service and a new box would open say dirmngr properties and if you tried to close the parent services window you would get the critical stop sound and a flashing window. Another example is with imgburn I have the success sounds turned of but if a burn or erase was finished you would get the asterisk sound. All of these have stopped but all the other sounds as IE sounds startup, shut down all work fine. I tried system restore to the earliest restore point and even to an earlier point with ERUNT to no avail. I had this happen once before on XP and the repair function didn't help.Does anyone know how to fix this with out a clean install?

Thanks in advance.
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