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17 May 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

The was a full system image made with Windows 7 Imaging tool?

TBH, Im not sure how to get it to recognize the image for a restore.
I have tried Win7s Imaging tool, and had several issues with myself trying to get it to do what I wanted it to do.
Perhaps others with knowledge of it can help more.

Unless it has something to do with file permissions.

If you've already installed a fresh copy of Windows, something you may want to try, if all else fails:

Give Acronis a shot.

The reason I suggest it, is because it is capable of converting a Windows Backup into an Acronis one.
If its able to, you should be able to launch a restore right from Windows.

Sadly, Acronis is a Paid program. But it does offer a 30day trial.
You will not be able to restore from a boot disc with the trial, but you can from Windows.

many may disagree but ..

I do think your best best will be to switch over to something like Macrium Reflect or Acronis for future imaging.

I really like Acronis, because it just works as I expect it too.
Macrium is free, and is highly recommended as well.

Either way, these 2 seem to be the most recommended and most reliable.
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