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17 May 2011  

Windows 7 Professional 64bit
First backups ever: Is there a program that does what I need?

So after a recent scare with my SSD, I feel like I cant trust it anymore, so I'm turning to real backups for the first time, instead of just keeping most of my user data on a separate drive.

The drive in question is a 128GB Crucial C300. I also have a 1TB drive for data. I'm looking for a program that can do automatic backups of the entire C300 onto my secondary drive. I figure my terabyte drive eats 128GB for breakfast and it's never come close to full so why not store it all?

Also, when the inevitable happens I want to be able to easily get the next SSD back exactly the way I had my entire system, preferably without having to install some intermediate operating system on a partition I later delete or something. Is there anything that can do all that?
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