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17 May 2011  


Thank you.
Where do I get each download? The 32 Bit version and the 64 Bit version.

Do I have to do anything different to install the 64 Bit version or do I just click on an exe file and it will know to update IE8 64-Bit? (Do I have to be in IE8 64-Bit in order to run and install the Java 6.25 for the 64-Bit?)
Wow, really confusing for us.

I opened the Win 7 (64-Bit) IE8 64-Bit and went to Java downloads and it mentioned ""64-Bit Java for Windows - Internet Explorer."
Agree and StartFree Download.

I clicked on that and it Saved the Java. I then clicked on the "jre-6u25-windows-x64.exe" and it appears to have installed.
I went back into IE8 64-Bit and back to the Java download page and clicked on "Do I have Java" and it said "Verified Java Version. Congratulations! You have the recommended Java Installed (Version 6 update 25)"

Did I do right for the 32 and 64 download?

I also looked in Control Panel/Programs and see
Java 6 Update 25 Sun Microsystems 6/2/2010 94.5 MB 6.0.250
Java 6 Update 25 64-Bit Oracle 5/17/2011 91.4 MB 6.0.250

Any ways else I can make sure I have 6.25 on the IE8 32 and 64?
I don't want to screw up this computer for my grandson!
Maybe a test for each? Or do you think I've done enough and Java is installed correctly for 32 and 64 bit IE8?

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