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18 May 2011  


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I don't know the cause, but my W7 machine(clean installed in October 2010) is doing the same thing. I am getting random explorer.exe crashes and ntdll.dll crashes with no apparent reason.

I don't know for certain, but it seems likely it is being caused by a recent update. Have you updated any graphics card drivers lately? I just upgraded to nVidia's 270.61 and it seems like since then my system has gone downhill. Maybe just a coincidence but in my experience the computer world rarely has those.

I have been having a similar issue since I installed the recommended out-of-band Microsoft updates in April. One of the updates is actually supposed to fix Windows Explorer issues. I am wondering if it ended up doing the opposite:
6 new updates 4/26/11
I have opened my own thread and have to see if the update is indeed responsible for the issue.
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