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20 May 2011  

Win 7 x64 Home Premium
Event ID 109 Help: Slow Bootup

I recently switched from a mechanical HDD to a SSD. In Windows, it performs great. Good WEI and a good benchmark score on the one benchmark I ran. Programs load very quickly, especially iTunes, which was previously excruciatingly slow.

Problem is it takes much longer than my mechanical HDD took to startup. Going through Event Viewer, 60 of the 75 seconds it takes to boot up are due to device initialization. Tracking down the error code, I got

StartTime 2011-05-20T17:06:55.640400200Z
NameLength 33
Name PCIIDE\IDEChannel\4&1650ceac&0&1
FriendlyNameLength 12
FriendlyName IDE Channel
VersionLength 0
TotalTime 60004
DegradationTime 49997
PathLength 0
ProductNameLength 0
CompanyNameLength 0

How do I determine what device that is? I am sure it's related to the SSD, but is it the drive? Controller? Motherboard? Any help is appreciated.
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