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24 May 2011  


Hi therealjustin,

I think there are basically two things which can be done - I strongly suspect that it is KB2515325 which is causing the trouble, so maybe it has to be uninstalled. It is supposed to solve Windows Explorer crashes. I only know that I after I installed it along with the other recommended updates, my computer experienced problems with Windows Explorer.

The second possibility (which I think is better because it avoids vague guesswork and fiddling around with updates) consists of creating a dump which will be generated whenever Explorer crashes. You can then upload the dump to sevenforums and see if the problem can be pinpointed by a dump expert. More instructions are over here under step 5 (recommended to me by usasma in my own thread):
Troubleshooting Explorer.exe Crashing Issues

I've seen the dump method being used extensively and very successfully - by Andre Ziegler, who is mentioned in the link above, on Microsoft TechNet - to troubleshoot Windows Explorer issues.

The problem with my own Windows Explorer issue is that it does not occur during every computer session. It seems randomly spread across computer sessions. In other words: I cannot reproduce it at will. I have not tried out the dump method as yet since I have gone back to using my old Vista machine for the timebeing.
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