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24 May 2011  

Win7 Ultimate 64bit

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Respectfully, I'd suggest you will be better off using Avast's own removal tool rather than any third party solution...

--also contains directions to be executed in SafeMode.

or, for better exposure post "also" in the avast forums. The developers there would love to hear this one plus you can learn more "how to use avast". As for the files(encountered some nvidia/adobe files wanting to make a hook through .dll's --which seems to be corrupted), will be lost "if" you cannot recover it properly prior uninstall. A re-installation of the main nVidia driver package and the Adobe package looms.

Your screenshots are blank except the "German Sheperd Dog Licking Screen Cleaner.exe" which is clearly a Win32FileInfector there as detected by avast. Can also be an FP. So you better check it via VT/Jotti/Filterbit.

theme generators and even some adobe reader components (.exe)...i scanned them one by one..and the result is --no virus-- then i tried to restore it,but it cant. .and when i open its folder directory.the avast will beep and beep..and will say "virus has been detected"..more than 30 times. .
Where is the scan result or image/screenshot that says, that the files are "clean" and "--no virus--" as you state? That "German Sheperd Dog Licking Screen Cleaner.exe" may be a variant of those 2007 dog-licking-screensaver with embedded trojan affecting display functions(may have very well corrupted the nVidia driver package and Adobe Flash). Kinda/seems like rootkit behavior there and Avast is trying to block it(having a hard time also it seems). MBAM scan will be nice(as gregrocker suggested).

You can send the samples(including the "German Sheperd Dog Licking Screen Cleaner.exe" ) to avast for verification and some copies to VirusTotal/Jotti/Filterbit.

By any chance did you happen to click "Add the file to the scan exclusion list" in the pop-up for the "--no virus--" files you stated?

It's on you what steps you will take. Goodluck.
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