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28 May 2011  

Windows 7 Enterprise
MBR to raid drive (which requires drivers)

Hey all.

I just done a really nice install, so didnt want to brick this drive so wanted to find out the best solution to my issue.

I have windows 7(enterprise), installed over 2 harddrives in raid0 (using sil controller), which during instillation requires drivers to see the hard drive.

Which is why i am uncertain if the bootsec.exe on the install will be able to point to the hard drive to install the boot loader into the MBR (which I believe is blank at the moment).

Would it be useful to install it to the 8mb partition windows makes on the same drive for the recovery process?.
I was thinking of installing grub2 on it instead, but saw a few recommendations not to because it requires nix filesystem or something.

I will be installing ubuntu on another drive at a later time, but would rather use my motherboards change boot device instead of a single boot loader on a single device. which is where I got this issue from in the first place (My boot loader is on a broken drive, which is slow to load. but lucky the boot sector has still been working).

What are your tips/advice ?
I think a while back I tried the fix tools on the windows install, but it never fixed the bootloader onto the mbr. So I believe it will be a manual process e.g. using the bootsec application.

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