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29 May 2011  

Windows 7 Enterprise

ok heres an update.

I found out I need to load my raid drivers first, and select the operating system from the "system recovery options" menu on the windows 7 install repair process.

However when I try loading the drivers.
and select either of the 2 (same name) drivers, it waits a second then says "The instillation has failed".

Without this I cannot see the windows drive to repair the mbr.

I am sure they are the right drivers, cause I did the install using the same drivers not 2 days ago.

I have tried both the "system information" files in the driver folder. one for my sil5 chipset. and the incorrect pesudo type one.

So again when i select the correct system info, it shows me the driver (twice. which is "Silicon Image SiI 3114 SoftRaid 5 Controller").

When selecting either of them, and clicking add driver, after 7 seconds of "add driver, adding driver", it returns.
"Add Driver - The instillation has failed".

This is different to everywhere else I have been seeing of "certificate errors" , or another type of load fail.
but this isnt a load fail, its an instillation fail.. which makes me thing its this recovery tools cannot load it, but the fresh install can.

Would it be worth trying the grub loader now ?
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