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31 May 2011  

losing bandwith and slow internet speed

Hi, last year I had very slow int.speed and I was spending my Int. traffic (which is limited) very fast (after that you get dial up-like speed).Yesterday, finally, I've installed bandwidth monitor and was stupefied.Even though I have these low speeds (spent traffic since 25.05.) I manage somehow to spend 2gb for three hours browsing and downloading a 240mb file via torrent.B. Monitor says that my average download speed is 545 kbps and upload 400 kbps and my payed speed should be 10 mbps with 765 kbps (!).Kaspersky reports no viruses or ather pest what so ever and iI keep myself to familiar download sites which are supposedly safe.Today I did command prompt and got this result of which I did PrtSc but I will not post it since I know its not safe.What to do with it, how is suppose to help me, I read that it should show me where does my traffic go but I didn't saw that...Please help!
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