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24 Jun 2009  

Windows 7

I am happy that my Windows7 taskbar now looks like it did in Vista & XP, with the added addition of an ‘option’ to pin things to the taskbar if I wish.

The items I have ‘on show’ in my QuickLaunch Menu are those I use most frequently, the occasional programs I use are hidden behind the arrow which extends my QuickLaunch menu.
For any other program (i.e. ones that I almost never use) I open the start menu and type in a key word which most always finds the program wanted with very little effort.

My setup works very well, and takes up only a very small part of the taskbar on the left in the same fashion as Vista or XP, which I find very uncomplicated and neat.

I am intrigued by my new found ability to pin things to the taskbar, and as I said in my previous post I may yet find a use for it (I am not opposed to new things). However my first impressions of the ‘Windows7’ taskbar were not favourable and I have to say that I agree with the comments/observations that “chrysalis” has been making.

Never the less my biggest grumble is not that I prefer one style over another but that the options to change between have not been made easy. In short I had to find this forum and follow through this unnecessarily complicated “fix” in order to make my machine work the way I wanted it to.
It is always good to have new ideas and the pinning things on the taskbar for me may yet have its uses.

However it is a BIG mistake to take away peoples options and this “fix” (which is easy for me) will no doubt confuse a lot of people who want to return their systems to the normality which I & they prefer. My prediction will be (if things go unchanged) that many people won’t like ‘Windows7’ simply because they don’t like the new taskbar & thus sales will be affected (which would be a shame).

I would say that a simple right click on the taskbar to open up an option to reinstate the QuickLaunch menu would appease many unhappy with the new ideas.

Upon reflection I consider that, if a simple option to return to a familiar look had been in place from the start this whole forum dialogue probably would never have needed to come into existence.
But hey this is only the ‘Release Candidate’ and I guess you need such feedback in order to make the changes needed.
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