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31 May 2011  

Windows 7 64 bit
Flash video crashes on multiple browsers

Sorry guys wasn't sure to post this in here or in software?

My specs:
  • eMachines notebook
  • Intel Core i3 CPU 2GB RAM
  • Windows 7 64 bit
  • Browsers Installed IE8, Firefox 4 and Chrome
  • AVG Free Edition installed
  • Shockwave Flash installed for FF
  • Graphics Driver Intel HD Graphics Driver version
  • I'm accessing the internet through wireless internet

I have been having a problem where playing flash video has crashed all the browsers I have installed. This issue has happened on multiple websites including Youtube and BBC iPlayer. It started happening out of the blue on 25th May 2011. There doesn't appear to be any microsoft updates added at that time and I did not install any new software on that day.

In Firefox the issue happens 100% of the time. After watching for a few minutes the video starts to buffer and then the browser completely freezes up before the frame greys out and the option to send crash report appears. When I reload the page the same thing happens again. Sometimes the audio will start to repeat itself with a delay of a few seconds before crashing.

In Chrome, the same thing happens except the built in plug in becomes unresponsive and the browser then freezes and reports the error.

IE crashes too although I hardly ever use it to be honest.

The things I have tried to fix this so far (without success) have been:

  • Manually uninstall all Adobe products
  • Uninstall all browsers
  • Delete folders and reg entries for flash and delete folders for browsers
  • Reinstall software and flash
  • Run Malwarebytes (no warnings or bad files).
  • Run a registry cleaner. Nothing reported that seemed to be relevant to Flash or media playback.
  • Uninstall Flash
  • Revert back to Flash 10.2 (I actually noticed a slight improvement when using 10.2 but cannot access embedded video in Facebook etc so wasn't a viable option for me).
  • Disable AVG and try playback
  • Unistall AVG and try playback
  • Uninstall AVG and Windows Firewall and try playback
  • Check for new video driver updated (there were none)
  • Untick Enable hardware Acceleration
  • Allow flash to store content in Global Settings

I have not done a system restore and do not really want to do that if possible.

The only other thing I have noticed is that it has been difficult to install exe files from the web since this issue started (when trying to reinstall browsers etc). Windows was corrupting the installers for chrome and firefox as well as the Malware Bytes.

I have spent almost 12 hours of my life now googling and trying out different conditions to get this working and it really has me flummoxed! I really hope a kind samaritan can help me with some advice here. Thanks K
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