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31 May 2011  

case mod

ok i'm building a new computer...

i'll be putting my rig into a standard case for the next few weeks but i wanted to get some advice on modding a case.

most of the mods i plan will be really simple and won't actually affect anything but there were a few that well might.

the side door has a clear plastic screen and i was thinking of replacing it with a metal mesh with fairly small holes but i became concerned with air flow so thought i'd seek some advice from people here that do it more than me.

i'm aiming for a fairly high standard of finish using colourfull paints on the inside and out and very delicate changes to the front where i will be fitting a second 12 cm and adjusting the positions of everything else.

also plan to change alot on the inside where the drive bays are and move things around.

i'm open to other ideas though.

the best example of my case would be
Thermaltakeusa**Chassis**V Series**V9 Gaming Case : V9 Gaming Case VJ40001W2Z

the one i plan on modding is about 2 years old so not quite the one listed but the overall design is similar enough there are some differences though, my case has front door full length but the clear area on the side door is about the same size.

the internal drive bays and such are close to what i have as well.

now i know i could go out and buy that case but where would be the fun besides it's an old case and if what i do doesn't work i can always replace it with something else...and then mod it
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