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06 Jun 2011  

W7 Ultimate x64

Checking with the router setup page I have a new funny thing that is happeneing.

According to the router, I only have two things connected to it. My current PC (PDi7) and a wireless router. Both are connected, but so is my other desktop (which would be named PD). I am able to ping it fine, with both and PD-PC with no dropped packets or latency. Odd thing is everything is fine still, internet still works fine on it. I am able to transfer files between the PCs. Streaming works. I can still login with a remote desktop connection.

Something else I recently noticed. I have most of my music on the remote PC, as that is essentially what I use it for a NAS and an HTPC at times. So I have my media player setup (foobar2000) to recognize the remote drives. It works, but if I try and "open containing folder" for a file that would be on a remote drive nothing happens. If a file is on a local drive, that option works.

So maybe this is a router issue. I will try D-Link and see what they say.

Thanks again for your time and patience.
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