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09 Jun 2011  

Windows 7, Windows XP
Restoring an XP image to my new Windows 7 system


I am trying to do something very similar, but not quite exactly the same as here. I hope that there might be someone here that has some tips that would be useful to what I am trying to acheive.

I just got a new system running Windows 7. I bought the "professional" version of Windows 7, so that I would be able to run "XP only" programs. I have some old software from companies that went belly up and no longer provide support. I was told that the professional version would run these programs, but I guess I didn't do my research well enough. They are not compatible.

What I would like to do now is run a dual boot between Windows 7 and XP. The difference in my case is that rather than doing a clean install of windows XP on the new partition, I would like to restore an image that I have of my old computer's drive (running XP) to the new partition on the new system (running Windows 7). Restoring to a new hardware environment shouldn't be a problem in theory, since I am using Acronis True Image Home 2011 with the add on that facilitates this.

I am assuming that the process would be the same, up until the point that the directions here say to insert the CD to install windows XP. What would you suggest doing at that stage? Running the recovery through Acronis? Are there any extra steps that I might need to take? Thanks in advance to anyone who is in the know or has at least has a bit more experience with this type of thing!

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