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20 Jun 2011  

windows 7 64 bit
W7 themes/desktop problem

Ok, I have a problem with the windows 7 "themes". I'm gonna tell you what the problem is, and I asked another forum, so I'll tell you what they said to try. Then I'll tell you what Iv done so far so maybe you guys can help me.
So my problem, in the themes I'm making pretty much just taking a bunch of wallpapers and making them shuffle, maybe change window colors to match backgrounds. Now for some reason my "themes" randomly save on background as a new theme. It's just one of my backgrounds and I have to delete it. Kinda hard to explain lol
Now here's what another forum said I should try. Re-downloading a pre made windows 7 theme. And that should fix some file they thought got messed up.
Now here's what I did, I DL 2 windows themes and one of them I used as a template and just changed my backgrounds and I still got my problem. So does anyone have an idea?
Sorry, long wall of text
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