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24 Jun 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Windows wont open

Hello, this is my 1st post and I'm pretty young so if I do something wrong, i'm sorry.

Windows wont open, I will give you a guide to exactly what happened.

I bought a game from "Just Cause 2". I needed to upload steam so i did. The game wouldn't work, I tried do UN-install it - steam and the game - but it wouldn't work. Came up with Direct X fatal error or something like that. I then shut my PC and slept

I woke up and this is what happened, and is still happening!!!

1) Press power button on my Windows 7 Acer Laptop
2) It comes up with starting windows c Microsoft Corporation
3) Black to blue then black screen very quickly
4) Then it comes up with a green white lined background "the usual one. With windows7 Home Premium And acer in the top right corner. And it flashes from that that total black screen and back again!
5) I press the power button and let go straight away it comes up with a waiting circle thing and a line of squares/shapes/circles e.c.t Then a plain black screen with a movable arrow.

I don't have no Windows CD, sorry. And I'm using my home PC

Lee 13,

P.S - Dont think I have any virus and i have a 64x Bit Sorry if this is wrong place,If it is, very sorry...
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